Visiting Kerwin Baptist Church

There are many churches in the Triad area, and we are honored that you have expressed interest in ours, however, as with any church the first visit can be a tough experience.  We strive to ensure that your first visit to Kerwin will be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your entire family.  We want you to feel at home, and welcome while enjoying inspiring music, helpful bible-centered teaching and preaching and friendly people.  Below are a few answers to common questions you might have while planning your first visit to our church.


We have three services per week, all with a unique and clear, bible-centered message:

9:45     Bible classes for all ages
10:45   Morning Worship Service
6:00     Evening Service

7:00     Evening Service in Main Auditorium
Teen Service in Educational Building
AWANA’s in Educational Building
Bus Ministry Services in Educational Building

Our Iron Men Bible Study is on Mondays at 7. Our Bible study runs on a semester basis.

Our Ladies' Bible Study is on Thursdays at 7. Our Bible study runs on a semester basis.




There are two entrances on Old Hollow Rd, and an entrance off of Ches Ln.  If this is your first time with us please look for the visitors parking just in front of the main entrance to the auditorium.  Upon entering the building, you’ll be greeted by members of our connections team.  Please feel free to use these individuals as a resource for fielding any questions you may have, and your first point of contact for any need you may have while on our campus. Please let us know that you’re new to our church, as we have a gift that we would like to share with you!

Attending our worship services allow you to enjoy uplifting music from our choir, our instrumentalists, ensembles, and soloists.  Music is followed by a clear, and helpful bible message from Pastor Daniel.  We realize that time is a precious resource, and therefore, our services are only a little more than an hour in length. 

If you have arrived early for our bible classes, the connection team can show you to the appropriate class for your life stage.  Most classes are held in the building adjacent to the main auditorium.  This building has an entrance from the parking lot, or can be accessed through the main auditorium.  Please click here for a full list of the classes offered and the age groups for which they are focused. These classes are an opportunity to enjoy a smaller group setting, to meet the people of Kerwin, to perhaps enjoy some coffee and hear a teaching lesson that may be more directly applied to persons in your life stage.


We have excellent and well staffed nurseries for your infants and toddlers.  You will receive a pager that can be used by nursery workers to easily contact you if a need presents itself.  For children up to 6th grade in age, we have a fun and up-beat children church, to make church exciting and memorable for your child. 


The junior high/High school ministries meet together in the 9:45 hour, and usually attend the worship service with their parents.  Wednesday nights have many activities for the teens, in the newly renovated teen room located in the educational building.  More information can be found here

If you have graduated high school, are in college, or are a single adult our Journey ministry provides a community of single young adults that strive to foster an environment for spiritual growth.  This group meets in the 9:45 hour in the lower level of the old auditorium, and have frequently scheduled events.


On your first visit to Kerwin, expect to receive a gift bag from our church.  Inside you will find many useful items that we hope are a blessing to your and your family.  Additionally, you’ll find a connection card.  One side of this card is used by our members to inform the staff of a need, request a visit, or express a concern.  The other side if for you.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to provide us with basic information about yourself. Provide as much, or as little as you feel comfortable with.  We use the information to follow up with you with a letter of thanks from our pastor, and it allows you to request a personal visit from our staff if so desired.


There is no dress code at Kerwin.  Our ministry leaders and pastoral staff will dress in more formal fashion, however, our main goal is that you feel welcome and comfortable during your visit to Kerwin Baptist Church.


No!  We do not invite you to Kerwin Baptist to obtain an offering from you (you are our guest!) We want our services to be a gift to you, and hope that you find our church to be a warm welcoming place to experience the truth of God’s word and grow in God’s Grace.

We understand that the occasional visitor may desire to make a donation to our church, but please do not feel obligated to participate.